Bewafa Poetry - Bewafa Shayari Urdu and SMS

Mein tumhein Befawai maaf kar dun ga
Lekin apni Zehni Barbadi nahi

bewafa poetry

میں تمھے بےوفائی معاف کردوں گا
لیکن اپنی ذہنی بربادی نہیں

Bewafa Poetry

Wafa Jinse Ki Bewafa Ho Gaya
Jisay But Banya Khuda Ho Gaya 

Bewafa Poetry

وفا جس سے کی بے وفا ہوگیا

 جسے بت بنایا خدا ہوگیا 

It hurtful when someone leaves you in a place where you have no one. So that’s why PoetryPoints provides you the best Bewafa poetry because it is widely read and popular with people who have lost loved ones. This bewafa poetry is dedicated to those who play with your emotions. You can also share this bewafa poetry with people you want to share. I Hope will like our largest collection of bewafa poetry and give us suitable feedback

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