December Poetry In Urdu, Sad & Love December Shayari 2021

december poetry urdu
december poetry urdu
Tujhko kaise kahun alvida ae December,
Woh wada karke gaya tha laut aaunga is bar
December Poetry In Urdu
Ye Barish ye sard hawa ye hijr ka aalm
Ghuman hota hai is bar December mar hi dale ga 
December Poetry In Urdu
Kun har baat pe koste hain log december ko
Kia december ne kaha tha muhabbat kar lo
December Poetry In Urdu
Sard hawain kia chali mere shehar main
Har tarf yaadon ka december bikhar gya
December Poetry In Urdu
Bohat se gham December mein December ke nahi hote
Usay bhi june ka gham tha, Magar roya December mein
December Poetry In Urdu
Waqt hai jhonka hawa ka, Aur ham hain faqt pele pate
Kon jane agle december tum kahan aur ham kahan
December Poetry In Urdu
December mein kaha tha na ka wapas lout aao gy
Abhi tak tum nahi lauty  December lout aaya hai
December Poetry In Urdu
usay kehna khizain aagai hain ab to lout aye
Usay kehna december ki hawaen yaad karti hain
December Poetry In Urdu
Ye saal bhi udaasiyan de kar chala gya
Tum se mily begair decembewr chala gya 
December Poetry In Urdu
Thandi thandi hawa chal pari hamare veerany mein
Andaaz bara zalim hai december tere aany ka
December Poetry In Urdu
Thehrti hui shab siyah aur woh bhi taveel tar
Mohsin, hijar ke maroon pe qiyamat hai december


December poetry is considered a nice way to express your hidden feelings and emotions. This is one of the reasons why so many people use discipline to feel good and relaxed.
The last month of the year brings back memories of good times. Cold weather, coffee, tea, and December romance add to your poetry. The significance of December poetry is linked to lost love, relationships, and the idea of ​​losing someone. These sentiments are rightly expressed in the form of December’s poetry, which is a mirror of real emotions and feelings. Many people prefer to read December poetry in remembrance of their past lives. It is said that the cold wind of December or the first wind calms people’s minds and they become more emotional by then. In the month of December, many famous Urdu poets have raised the subject of their poetry.

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