9 Depressed Girl Quotes | When a Girl goes silent on you

depressed girl quotes when a woman goes silent
depressed girl quotes


Silence is a girl’s loudest cry

depressed girl quotes


When she is sad,

she doesn’t say a word

depressed girl quotes


80% of women use silence

to express her pain

depressed girl quotes


She’s either over thinking,

tired of waiting

depressed girl quotes


She is falling apart,

or crying inside

depressed girl quotes


You know she’s truely hurt when

she start ignoring you

depressed girl quotes


Once she becomes heartless, the

relationship cannot be saved

depressed girl quotes


So before it’s too late…

depressed girl quotes


Please take care of her

and lover her in right way!


Depressed girl quotes

When a woman goes silent on you then she really hurt. A woman is very great being. Which we should all value. The woman does not fall in love with anyone in the beginning. But gradually, when she falls in love with someone, she gives up everything and gives time to her love. Gradually the girl becomes blind in her love and the boy does not live like before. Ignoring the boy hurts the girl a lot and it is a fact. Please read depressed girl quotes and feel her feeling But as soon as the girl gives up all hope then she becomes silent. Of course, she loves him but when she is forced to give up on him then the girl suffers a lot. So these depressed girl quotes are for the man who has a good woman and they don’t value her.

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